part-time-extrovert: Could you please explain to me the meaning of the geometric shape that contains an Equilateral triangle inside of a Vesica Pisces?



ohhh now we’re getting into the fun stuff! Okay well if you read what i wrote previously how the Versica Piscis is about creating the balance between the dark/light and the masculine/feminine energy to create new earth. The equilateral triangle inside of the versica piscis is a star tetrahedron. At this density we see it as two triangles together from a 3rd dimensional view it looks like they lie flat. however from the higher dimensions the tetrahedrons interlock with one another creating the merkaba the light body and grand central heart of ascension which also plays central role inside of the crystalline energy that is directly inside the center of the earth.

Inside the center, lies the eye, the galactic center of the alignment within the core of the universe, merging together all the dimensions as one. It creates vector equilibrium, the dodecagon and also known as the 12 around one theory. 

When i say we’re all entwined together within this web connected at the heart of the earth, i’m not being metaphorical. At the core center of the geometrical sequence is the crystalline energy that is the seed of creation. The flower of life are the 13 dimensions, seed of life are our chakras

the Seed of life inside the flower of life is the merging of the dimensions within our chakra system. The process of ascension. Seed of life inside the flower of life creates the Tree of life of hermetic qabalah, the grand map of the universe. 

The keys are in the symbols…

For inside the energy formations, we merge together
creating the star tetrahedron within our ethereal cores
aligning the energy of our chakras as the veil lifts
all that is hidden becomes revealed on all levels
the dimensions of the higher planes merge together
the light and dark energy collides to create vector equilbrium
the feminine merges into the masculine on all humans
on the earth’s core
the ego transcends into soul
and the earth’s core vibration shifts and aligns
moving the energy of time that was once misaligned
into the everflowing eternal present
when manifestation becomes instant and the opening of all gateways becomes known
The planets within the solar system and beyond align and merge into the center of Time
into the center of all
into the center of balance
the earth vibrates in harmonium once again
realigned with her energy creating vector equilbrium and we all become as one again as we once were in the past
remembering who we are
aligned in soul
aligned in truth
aligned in freedom
and connected at the heart within this web of energy by divine love 



Forgot i wrote this…It connects to everything we are currently going through right now, i think i wrote this two years ago? lol


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Share your presence with others, no boundaries, completely, openly, lovingly. Love is what makes us alive. Alex Grey (via shakingoffthechains)

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Odds are if you think I’m dumb
it’s cause I think you’re cute.

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